Our Showroom

A walk through Associated Group’s lavish showroom reveals a wonderland of seasonal displays. Whether envisioning Santa’s Workshop or a winterscape with an industrial edge, the 20,000 square foot showroom can give direction and inspiration to clients of all backgrounds. Thousands of man-hours were applied to the ornaments, props, structures, and lighting patterns that illuminate the area.

The Showroom honors tradition with bold red and green color schemes and balances rustic accents with elegant décor through a wide range of wood adornments. No style is too extravagant, as told by adventurous holiday themes that range from aqua-based seascape arrangements to precious pink candyland motifs. 

The showroom is a glimpse of what Associated Group is capable of. It is a launching point to help clients realize a fresh new design that encapsulates the look and feel of a specific space. Experienced designers have a wall of color palates available to help visualize a future display and can help clients begin the process of transforming a concept into reality.


Craftsman Workshop


The magic behind Associated Group’s spectacular displays and installations takes shape in the craftsman workshop. Under the leadership of the creative director and artisans, craftsmen apply their knowledge of color palates and textiles to seasonal works of art. The workshop is located inside of the 55,000 square-foot Associated Group headquarters in Commerce and houses full design, production, prop making and lighting departments.

Each division of the craftsman workshop is an integral part of the creative process and helps design displays that honor the client’s vision and Associated Group’s elevated standards. Several types of materials are accessed to determine if wood, metal, fiberglass or acrylics will best fit each project. Once a sturdy base has been constructed, various décor of glitter mesh, fabric, ribbon and ornamental accents bring the desired look to life.

Associated Group believes in building a reciprocating work environment that fosters a sense of pride and dedication within all of their employees. The name Associated Group was built upon a reputation for creative vision and client relations which results in exceptional designs and lasting relationships.