About Us

Associated Group is a display company focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of seasonal décor. A versatile portfolio includes work with world-renowned hotels and casinos, corporate business complexes, municipalities, and retail centers.  Associated Group consistently strives to exceed expectations in both service and design and creates visually engaging displays that enhance public spaces year round.  Founded in 1986 by Laurie Resnick and Greg Salmeri, Associated Group is an award winning company that operates from a 55,000 square foot 1940's warehouse in Commerce, California. For three decades the company has been creating and delivering cutting edge décor designs for clients throughout the United States. A tailored approach ensures that each project is unique. The talented staff is adept at executing the most intricate customized displays for both intimate and expansive spaces.  Associated Group offers customized solutions that are supported by the highest level of professionalism with the experience and means to build long-term relationships with clients, staff, and suppliers, yet maintain a small-business mindset that is personable and attentive, offering genuine care for the quality of work produced. 

Meet Our Team

Core Values



We seek the highest potential for our company, its employees, customers, and the community it serves.
We feel our contribution is making the world a more beautiful place.
We are courageous, bold and never give up.
We speak louder with our actions than our words.
We create community through the blending of commerce and talent.
The shadow that follows our performance is the beauty we create.


We create beautiful experiences through beautiful environments.
We embrace imagination, consistent with our brand.
We know that there is magic in our touch.
We deliver inspired design in creative and unexpected ways.
We buy what we love and honor our responsibility as tastemakers.


We are a team and we are in this together.
We work hard and we have fun – together.
We offer each other solutions, as well as a helping hand.
We take responsibility and we share credit.
We communicate and we coordinate with other stakeholders.
We respect each other’s time and the time frames of our work.
We look forward and plan with the future in mind.
We create opportunities for growth and a safe place to learn from our mistakes.
We are kind, we care, and are accountable for our actions, attitudes, and behaviors.


We intend to exceed customer expectations in all we do. 
We recognize the importance of first impressions and lasting beauty. 
We make it our business to understand our customers’ needs and be respectful of their time.
We are knowledgeable and consistently offer quality products and services.


We recognize that efficiency, profitability and discipline in all of our endeavors is essential to our future success. 
We seek efficiencies to avoid wasting materials, efforts, money, 
and time when producing desired results.
We recognize the importance of profitability in maintaining our position as a sustainable company.
We employ a disciplined approach toward fiscal health, regardless of our individual desires, and always in the best interest of the company.